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Lee Storey | Smile ‘Til It Hurts

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Director | Producer Lee Storey’s Michigan filmed Documentary, Up With People. ;Her documentary takes you into the world of Glee and how it all started on Michigan’s Mackinaw Island.

Grand Rapids Film Festival with Dustin Smith

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We spoke with Dustin Smith on his Feature Documentary “Eating In Place” ;Which is Featured in the Grand Rapids Film Festival.

Grand Rapids Film Festival with Corey Niemchick

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We asked Corey Niemchick about this years 2nd Annual Grand Rapids Film Festival. ;Here’s what he said to Jason James in this exclusive interview.

Michigan Film Reel

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Michigan Film Reel is more that just stories about Michigan’s Thriving Film Industry. ; It’s connecting people and bringing communities together in creating jobs and growing Michigan’s economy.

Ryan Thompson | Zombie Apocalypse II

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Ryan Thompson and Johnny Gel explain this years Zombie Apocalypse II on Michigan Film Reel. ;

Playback interview with Payton Dunham

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Payton Dunham is gearing up for Playback which is a feature film that is slated to be shot in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Richard Jewell | Michigan Film Office

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Richard Jewell heads the Work Force Development with the Michigan Film Office in Lansing. ; He explains the recent development of film training courses that is being offered with the local colleges throughout Michigan.